Trump speech ‘DeepFake’ shows a present AI threat

A so-called ‘DeepFake’ video of a Trump speech was broadcast on a Fox-owned Seattle TV network, showing a very present AI threat.

The station, Q13, broadcasted a doctored Trump speech in which he somehow appeared even more orange and pulled amusing faces.

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Anti-election meddling group makes A.I.-powered Trump impersonator

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting frighteningly close to being able to mimic humans, and advances in the technology could be a major risk for democracies worldwide.

That’s the worry held by the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, a U.S.-European organization looking at combating interference in Western elections by hostile foreign actors.

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Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready?

Mark Zuckerberg insisted at Facebook’s annual developer conference earlier this year that his company “will never be unprepared … again” for meddling and disinformation efforts like those run by Russian trolls on its platform during the run-up to the 2016 election.

Yet the social media behemoth and its competitors may still be ill-equipped for their next great challenge: Fake videos that look so real you’d believe former President Obama really did call President Trump a “dipsh*t.”

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Belgian socialist party circulates ‘deep fake’ Donald Trump video

A Belgian political party has created a fake video of a Donald Trump speech in which the U.S. president apparently calls on the country to follow America’s lead and exit the Paris climate agreement.

In the video, which uses so-called “deep fake” technology to make it appear that Trump is giving a fictional address, the president says: “As you know I had the balls to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. And so should you.”

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“Deep Fake” Could Influence Future Global Politics

“Deep Fake” Videos Could Be Used To Influence Future Global Politics, Experts Warn.

Now Senators and an expert working on exposing digital fakes are warning about another malevolent use for the tech – using it to influence politics.

Similar tech, developed by Niessnerlab prior to deep fakes, has been used to create videos of US presidents and famous people moving their faces to mimic those of actors, to eerie effect.

Actors have their expressions captured, and this data is used to alter the expression of celebrities in the video in real-time.

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