Now fake Facebook accounts are using fake faces

Artificially-generated faces of people who don’t exist are being used to front fake Facebook (FB) accounts in an attempt to trick users and game the company’s systems, the social media network said Friday. Experts who reviewed the accounts say it is the first time they have seen fake images like this being used at scale as part of a single social media campaign.

The accounts, which were removed by Facebook on Friday, were part of a network that generally posted in support of President Trump and against the Chinese government, experts who reviewed the accounts said. Many of the accounts promoted links to a Facebook page and website called “The BL.” Facebook said the accounts were tied to the US-based Epoch Media Group, which owns The Epoch Times newspaper, a paper tied to the Falun Gong movement that is similarly pro-Trump.
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China makes it a criminal offense to publish deepfakes or fake news without disclosure

China has released a new government policy designed to prevent the spread of fake news and misleading videos created using artificial intelligence, otherwise known as deepfakes.

The new rule, reported earlier today by Reuters, bans the publishing of false information or deepfakes online without proper disclosure that the post in question was created with AI or VR technology.

Failure to disclose this is now a criminal offence, the Chinese government says.

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Amazon becomes the latest company to join the fight against deepfakes

The year 2019 has seen a rise in the usage of deepfakes and it’s a scary thing. In case you don’t know, deepfake is a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence.

It has been around for quite a while now but this year saw a rapid rise in deepfakes forcing tech giants to take steps to curb the usage and make sure they aren’t used to promote fake news.

Last month, Microsoft and Facebook partnered up to fight deepfakes and now Amazon has decided to join as well. In a blog post published today, Amazon called for action to fight against deepfakes with a generous contribution of $1 million in AWS credits to the Deepfake Detection challenge (DFDC).

Amazon is also working with DFDC partners to host complicated datasets for deepfake detection on the cloud service using its Amazon S3 scalable infrastructure. Amazon will be providing researchers and academics up to $10,000 and they can use the Amazon Machine Learning solutions lab to get started.

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Israeli Tech Firm Uses Deepfake to Dub Your Videos into Any Language

Israeli tech firm Canny AI may have perfected the use of deepfakes to dub your videos into any language.

Their service makes good use of deepfakes, as opposed to the most common applications of the technology.

This has garnered the company widespread acclaim from their clients.

Understanding deepfakes…

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DeepFake George Lucas Destroys The Rise of Skywalker Trailer in Hilarious Video

The DeepFake version of George Lucas is not a fan of The Rise of Skywalker final trailer.

The latest trailer was released earlier this week and Star Wars fans have been taking each frame apart to find anything that could be seen as a spoiler or Easter Egg.

However, Lucasfilm has done a pretty good job about keeping everything under wraps since the movie was first revealed to be in production with J.J. Abrams at the helm.

This is a snippet from an article by movieweb, you can read the full article here…

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Deep Fake VFX – Pity the poor impressionist by Jim Meskimen

Go watch the full version first!… A little behind the scenes video on how I created “A deeper look into the life of an impressionist” featured on Hollywood impressionist Jim Meskimens channel.

The full video took just over 250 hours of work, 1,200 hours of footage, 300,000 images and close to 1 terabyte of data to create.

Via Sham00K

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