DeepFakes Explained

Video by Siraj Raval

There’s a new trend on the interwebs called ‘Deepfakes’, a machine learning system that can be trained to paste one person’s face onto another person’s body, complete with facial expressions.

The effect isn’t yet more convincing than conventional computer graphics techniques, but it could democratize Hollywood-level special effects fakery — and, potentially, lead to a flood of convincing hoaxes.

I’ll explain how DeepFakes works both programmatically and theoretically in this video. It’s essentially 2 autoencoders trained on 2 image datasets and then we reconstruct image A using image B’s decoder.

Code for this video (with coding challenge):

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FakeApp: Finally, a Program that Will Let You Seamlessly Put Donald Trump in Porn!

Over at Reddit, user deepfakes has released a program that allows users to create “deep fakes,” or nearly seamless manufactured images. As with about 99 per cent of all tech-related innovation, the first use and proof-of-concept have to do with porn. Specifically, the app allows you to face swap your favourite person’s face onto a porn actor’s:

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We Are Truly Fucked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now

In December, Motherboard discovered a Redditor named ‘deepfakes’ quietly enjoying his hobby: Face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers’ bodies. He made several convincing porn videos of celebrities—including Gal Gadot, Maisie Williams, and Taylor Swift—using a machine learning algorithm, his home computer, publicly available videos, and some spare time.

You can read the full article on Motherboard…

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Fake celebrity porn is blowing up on Reddit, thanks to artificial intelligence

Back in December, the unsavoury hobby of a Reddit user by the name of deepfakes became a new centrepiece of artificial intelligence debate, specifically around the newfound ability to face-swap celebrities and porn stars. Using software, deepfakes was able to take the face of famous actresses and swap them with those of porn actresses, letting him live out a fantasy of watching famous people have sex.

Now, just two months later, easy-to-use applications have sprouted up with the ability to perform this real-time editing with even more ease, according to Motherboard, which also first reported about deepfakes late last year.

You can read the full article on the Verge…

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FYI: There’s now an AI app that generates convincing fake smut vids using celebs’ faces

The faces of celebrities, politicians, children, or pretty much anyone, can be pasted over faces of porn stars in X-rated movies using freely available machine-learning software.

The resulting flicks look convincing, and effectively allow miscreants to place people – from the rich and famous to the powerful to ex-partners – into highly compromising and believable positions on moving video footage.

You can read the full article on the Register…

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Creeps Are Making AI-Generated Porn Using Celeb Faces

As if female celebrities don’t have enough to worry about in regards to creepy strangers on the internet, now people are making fake porn using their faces.

Motherboard reports that people keep making “deepfakes,” which are AI-assisted porn videos using celebrity faces. After a Redditor named deepfakes started releasing videos involving Taylor Swift, Maisie Williams, and Gal Gadot late last year using machine-learning, another Redditor was inspired to create an app to help other make similar fake porn.

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Deepfakes porn has serious consequences (BBC)

An article by Dave Lee discussions about the issues that emerge with the Deepfake application (Deepfakes pornography).

Lately, there has been a blast in what has turned out to be known as deepfakes: obscene recordings controlled so the first performer’s face is supplanted with someone else’s, also called Deepfakes pornography.

As these apparatuses have turned out to be all the more dominant and less demanding to utilize, it has empowered the exchange of sexual dreams from individuals’ creative abilities to the web.

It flies past the limits of human goodness, as well as our feeling of accepting what we see and hear.

You can read the full article on the BCC….

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