FOSTA Sex Trafficking Bill May Worsen Deepfake Porn Problem

The worst parts of SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) have been put into a bill that will likely make platforms ignore moderation altogether.

Charles Duan is the Associate Director of Technology and Innovation Policy at the R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Online sexual abuse may become harder to prevent, thanks to a bill making its way through Congress. Ironically, the purpose of that bill is to curb online sexual abuse.

You can read the full article on motherboard.vice


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Deepfake tech may change the world

“My May-Thatcher deepfake won’t fool you but its tech may change the world”

MPs from the House of Commons inquiry into fake news were warned last week of a new AI technology that is about to change the world, and not for the better.

“We’re rapidly moving into an era where the Russians, or any other adversary, can create our public figures saying or doing things that are disgraceful or highly corrosive to public trust,” Edward Lucas, the senior vice president of the Centre for European Policy Analysis told MPs. “And we’re not remotely ready for this.”

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Here come the fake videos, too – NY Times

Late to the party but still, this is a great article by Kevin Roose for the New York times.  Initially talking about the widespread panic deepfakes caused at Reddit, Twitter and Pornhub.

He then goes on to show just how easy it is for anyone to create their own deepfakes, he also touched on a subject not related to porn at all but political sabotage and propaganda, which, I believe, is something we should be far more concerned about.

“Artificial intelligence video tools make it relatively easy to put one person’s face on another person’s body with few traces of manipulation. I tried it on myself. What could go wrong?”

“The scene opened on a room with a red sofa, a potted plant and the kind of bland modern art you’d see on a therapist’s wall.

In the room was Michelle Obama, or someone who looked exactly like her. Wearing a low-cut top with a black bra visible underneath, she writhed lustily for the camera and flashed her unmistakable smile.

Then, the former first lady’s doppelgänger began to strip.”

You can read the full article on the New York Times website…

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‘deepfakes,’ the internet’s latest moral crisis

Where there’s innovation, there’s masturbation — at least in one dark corner of the internet, where nearly 80,000 people have gathered to share fabricated videos of celebrity women having sex and Nicolas Cage uncovering the Ark of the Covenant.

The technology is relatively easy to use, which has created an enthusiast community on Reddit (since banned), where users compare notes and swap their latest work: “Emma Watson sex tape demo ;-),” “Lela Star x Kim Kardashian,” and “Giving Putin the Trump face” among them.

You can read the full article on Mashable…

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Deepfakes: Sorting fact from fiction in the fake-Obama video era

Video by by Just in AU

‘Deep fakes’: Sorting fact from fiction in the fake-Obama video era

 It always starts with porn. What first revealed the internet’s power to distribute information? The immense and immediate explosion of adult content, of course.

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Deep Fakes: A Looming Crisis for National Security, Democracy and Privacy?

“We are truly fucked.” That was Motherboard’s spot-on reaction to deep fake sex videos (realistic-looking videos that swap a person’s face into sex scenes actually involving other people).

And that sleazy application is just the tip of the iceberg.

As Julian Sanchez , “The prospect of any Internet rando being able to swap anyone’s face into porn is incredibly creepy. But my first thought is that we have not even scratched the surface of how bad ‘fake news’ is going to get.” Indeed.

You can read the full article on the

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Porn producers offer to take down deepfake videos

Companies such as BaDoink are offering to assist Hollywood in getting deepfake content removed from the web, although they seem to agree that Deepfakes are here to stay and will be pretty much unstoppable.

“Given the rogue nature of Deepfakes, I don’t see how it can be effectively stopped,” agreed Alec Helmy, president and publisher of the adult industry publication XBiz.

“There’s an interesting world of artificial CGI porn that will be happening the next decade, where a fan can easily put any face on anybody in a porn scene,” agrees Grayson. “But I think of that for personal consumption rather than public humiliation.”


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A new bill could become the first law to apply criminal penalties to website owners due to posts of that site’s users

Voat is up in arms about this, and for good reason, it may also go to explain why Reddit suddenly decided to remove a bunch of the Deepfake / Fakeapp related subreddits.

A new bill could become the first law to apply criminal penalties to website owners due to posts of that site’s users — or so Silicon Valley and tech advocates fear.

Ever since a 1996 law, no internet website or company can be penalized for content a user posts. That’s why Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Reddit can’t be sued when anybody uses their platform to post hate speech or advocations of violence or terrorism.

The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act would open a crack in that prohibition. The bill would allow the government to prosecute websites which knowingly help or promote sex trafficking, and also allow users to sue those websites.

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