DeepFakes Is One Of The Strangest Machine Learning Algorithms Ever

Every advancement in technology has the good and the bad side. In one of our earlier articles, we had discussed how DeepFakes software created a controversial stir where miscreants rampantly created fake pornography videos by swapping faces of celebrities, not to mention false propaganda of politicians again through videos. It clearly showed how bad technological advancements can go in an online world.

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Carlos Curbelo, Stephanie Murphy sound alarms on ‘deep fakes’

Two Florida congressman engaged in tight re-election battles expressed their fears about “deep fake” videos and called on intelligence leaders to assess the threat.

U.S. Reps. Carlos Curbelo, a Miami Republican, and Stephanie Murphy, an Orlando Democrat, signed onto a letter with U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, calling on Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to publicly report on implications of new technology in meddling with democracy.

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US lawmakers say AI deepfakes ‘have the potential to disrupt every facet of our society’

US politicians are getting increasingly worried about deepfakes — a new type of AI-assisted video editing that creates realistic results with minimal effort.

Yesterday, a trio of lawmakers sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, asking him to assess the threat posed to national security by this new form of fakery.

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Next-gen deepfakes can falsely put words in people’s mouths

Deepfake. It’s a word that’s entered the modern lexicon for all the wrong reasons.

Combining the phrase deep learning with the word fake, the AI image-processing technique can superimpose the likeness of one person onto a video of someone else.

Perhaps inevitably, the technology has become synonymous with pornography, with graphic videos apparently but falsely depicting celebrities now banned by Twitter, Reddit and even Pornhub.

Now, new research at Carnegie Mellon could take deepfakes to the next level with a technique called Recycle-GAN, which can take the detailed content of one video or performer and apply it to another, keeping the style of the latter intact.

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Deepfakes Videos the new threat for Twitter, YouTube & Facebook users

Internet users face many threats such as security violations, credit card frauds, trolls and scams.

Now as the number of video users is growing multifold day by day on all social media platforms the latest high hazard threat that is looming is Deepfakes.

The technology is used by meme farms to create a video of a celebrity by altering the words that he or she is speaking to mean something else.

Another person can also impersonate the famous person and no one can find the difference.

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Deepfake Videos: How To Detect Them?

As WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter continue to adopt stringent policies against the spread of fake news, another form of misinformation is gaining traction from the masses — morphed videos known as “deepfakes.”

These are extremely realistic face-swapped clips that can make a person — be it a celebrity or politician — say or do anything, without giving the real individual a clue of what is happening until it’s too late. The technology behind these relies on a deep neural network, a type of machine learning technique that learns from a source to produce a fake video of the target.

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True Lies: Fake-Video Technology Called ‘Toxic’ Threat to National Security

The rapidly evolving technology that produces “deep fakes”—convincing videos of people saying and doing things that are completely concocted—is now widely accessible, and creating nightmarish scenarios of extortion and theft, according to a forthcoming paper in the California Law Review.

The paper, titled “Deep Fakes: A Looming Challenge for Privacy, Democracy, and National Security,” also argues that phoney videos have wider consequences for democracies, including the disruption of elections and military conflict.

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XXX film company wants to put YOU in porn

Earlier this year, The Sun reported on a new app called “deepfakes” that created convincing face-swap videos using machine learning.

By scanning thousands of pictures of a person, it was possible to map their face onto someone else’s – with exceptional accuracy.

It soon emerged that pervs were using the tech to put celebrity faces on porn stars during sex scenes.

Now Naughty America says it wants to let randy porn punters put their own faces in adult movies using the same technology.

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