Deep fake expert wanted to create deep fake for uk tv show


I was wondering if anybody could help me please. My name’s Kat and I work for a London-based TV production company called Talkback. We’re in the process of making a second series of the show Ultimate Worrier, hosted by Jon Richardson (1st series available to view here: )

I’m posting on here as we’re really interested in covering the topic of deep fakes on the show. In fact, what we really want to do is apply the face swap algorithm technology, using our roving presenter’s face and somebody else’s (most probably a fellow comedian’s). For that to work, we need someone who is familiar with the technology and able to create a light-hearted deep fake scene for us.

I’m wondering if anyone is based in the UK preferably, who could create a deep fake for us or would be interested in hearing more? We’re filming in the next few weeks so please do let me know if you’d like to hear more from me (probably best next step is a discussion on the phone) and if you have the expertise to potentially create a deep fake for us, or know anyone else that might?

Please do feel free to drop me an email on [](

Thanks so much

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