Trump speech ‘DeepFake’ shows a present AI threat

A so-called ‘DeepFake’ video of a Trump speech was broadcast on a Fox-owned Seattle TV network, showing a very present AI threat.

The station, Q13, broadcasted a doctored Trump speech in which he somehow appeared even more orange and pulled amusing faces.

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Deepfakes Tutorial | Episode One | Tutorial


This is the first episode in a series of tutorial videos designed to help users develop their deepfaking abilities. This episode covers the first steps including basic setup and first-time use.

Following episodes are designed to help intermediate and advanced users and will focus on the most important areas of deepfakes creation including data set collection and composition, training processes and conversion methods.

As a minimum for these tutorials, you will need a powerful Nvidia GPU, a copy of Windows 10 and a desire to learn.

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Deep Video Portraits are way better (and worse)

Deep Video Portraits

The strange, creepy world of “deepfakes,” videos (often explicit) with the faces of the subjects replaced by those of celebrities, set off alarm bells just about everywhere early this year.

And in case you thought that sort of thing had gone away because people found it unethical or unconvincing, the practice is back with the highly convincing “Deep Video Portraits,” which refines and improves the technique.

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PSA in which fake Obama warns about ‘deep fakes’ goes viral

A viral video now viewed by millions appears to show former President Obama – but it turns out actually to be an effort by “Get Out” director Jordan Peele to educate the public about “deep fakes” made with artificial intelligence. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports for TODAY.

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and here’s the full video they talk about