DeepFake George Lucas Destroys The Rise of Skywalker Trailer in Hilarious Video

The DeepFake version of George Lucas is not a fan of The Rise of Skywalker final trailer.

The latest trailer was released earlier this week and Star Wars fans have been taking each frame apart to find anything that could be seen as a spoiler or Easter Egg.

However, Lucasfilm has done a pretty good job about keeping everything under wraps since the movie was first revealed to be in production with J.J. Abrams at the helm.

This is a snippet from an article by movieweb, you can read the full article here…

Deep Fake VFX – Pity the poor impressionist by Jim Meskimen

Go watch the full version first!… A little behind the scenes video on how I created “A deeper look into the life of an impressionist” featured on Hollywood impressionist Jim Meskimens channel.

The full video took just over 250 hours of work, 1,200 hours of footage, 300,000 images and close to 1 terabyte of data to create.

Via Sham00K