China’s deepfake celebrity porn culture stirs debate about artificial intelligence use

The widespread use of artificial intelligence to create deepfake celebrity porn videos for Chinese internet users has raised fresh questions about the use and abuse of technology.

While China’s strict internet controls should, in theory, prevent people from accessing pornographic content, an investigation by The Beijing News published on Thursday uncovered numerous platforms where people were selling services that offered to swap the faces of celebrities, or members of the public, onto images of porn stars for less than US$1.

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Criminals are using deepfakes to impersonate CEOs

The threat deepfake audio poses to businesses cannot be understated. While someone using deepfake audio to pretend they’re the CEO of a company and getting that company’s accounting department to wire them $1 million because of an “emergency” is one thing, the tech could also be used for sabotage.

What if one rival–or even a nation-state–wanted to sink Apple’s stock price? A well-timed deepfake audio clip that purports to show Tim Cook having a private conversation with someone about iPhone sales tanking could do just that–wiping billions off the stock market in seconds.

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Google, Facebook and Twitter sent letters about deepfakes by Rep. Schiff

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee wants to know how social media will handle deepfake videos ahead of the next presidential election.

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has sent letters asking Facebook, Google and Twitter how they plan to deal with deepfakes ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Schiff’s concerns follow the disinformation campaigns that spread across social media during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a statement released Monday.

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Deepfake your pet into another animal with this faceswapper

The PetSwap tool by Nvidia uses an algorithm similar to the ones used for so-called deepfakes to transform an image of your beloved pet into an image of another animal.

Ever wanted to know what your pet would look like if it were a different animal?

Well, whether you have or not, there’s now a new web tool that allows you to find out.

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A new way to use the AI behind deepfakes could improve cancer diagnosis

Generative adversarial networks, the algorithms responsible for deepfakes, have developed a bit of a bad rap of late. But their ability to synthesize highly realistic images could also have important benefits for medical diagnosis.

Deep-learning algorithms are excellent at pattern-matching in images; they can be trained to detect different types of cancer in a CT scan, differentiate diseases in MRIs, and identify abnormalities in an x-ray.

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The Wall Street Journal has 21 people detecting ‘deepfakes’

To combat the growing threat of spreading misinformation ahead of the U.S. 2020 general election, The Wall Street Journal has formed a committee to help reporters navigate fake content.

Last September, the publisher assigned 21 of its staff from across its newsroom to form the committee. Each of them is on-call to answer reporters’ queries about whether a piece of content has been manipulated.

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Virginia bans ‘deepfakes’ and ‘deepnudes’ pornography

Virginia has become one of the first places to outlaw the sharing of computer-generated pornography known as deepfakes.

The US state has done so by amending an existing law which criminalised so-called revenge porn – the malicious sharing of explicit photos or videos without the victim’s consent.

It now makes clear that the category includes “falsely-created” material.

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Stallone in ‘Terminator 2’: How Deep Fake Could Change Movies Forever

Deep Fake Videos

Created by YouTuber Ctrl Shift Face, the video seems harmless enough. It’s kind of fun to see such iconic performers juxtaposed into such a classic cinema moment. (For action movie buffs, it’s also a nice nod to a moment in Schwarzenegger’s Last Action Hero where we see a T2poster with Stallone in the starring role).

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New AI deepfake app creates nude images of women in seconds

The resulting fakes could be used to shame, harass, and intimidate their targets.

A new AI-powered software tool makes it easy for anyone to generate realistic nude images of women simply by feeding the program a picture of the intended target wearing clothes.

The app is called DeepNude and it’s the latest example of AI-generated deepfakes being used to create compromising images of unsuspecting women.

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