‘deepfakes,’ the internet’s latest moral crisis

Where there’s innovation, there’s masturbation — at least in one dark corner of the internet, where nearly 80,000 people have gathered to share fabricated videos of celebrity women having sex and Nicolas Cage uncovering the Ark of the Covenant.

The technology is relatively easy to use, which has created an enthusiast community on Reddit (since banned), where users compare notes and swap their latest work: “Emma Watson sex tape demo ;-),” “Lela Star x Kim Kardashian,” and “Giving Putin the Trump face” among them.

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Deep Fakes: A Looming Crisis for National Security, Democracy and Privacy?

“We are truly fucked.” That was Motherboard’s spot-on reaction to deep fake sex videos (realistic-looking videos that swap a person’s face into sex scenes actually involving other people).

And that sleazy application is just the tip of the iceberg.

As Julian Sanchez , “The prospect of any Internet rando being able to swap anyone’s face into porn is incredibly creepy. But my first thought is that we have not even scratched the surface of how bad ‘fake news’ is going to get.” Indeed.

You can read the full article on the lawfareblog.com

Porn producers offer to take down deepfake videos

Companies such as BaDoink are offering to assist Hollywood in getting deepfake content removed from the web, although they seem to agree that Deepfakes are here to stay and will be pretty much unstoppable.

“Given the rogue nature of Deepfakes, I don’t see how it can be effectively stopped,” agreed Alec Helmy, president and publisher of the adult industry publication XBiz.

“There’s an interesting world of artificial CGI porn that will be happening the next decade, where a fan can easily put any face on anybody in a porn scene,” agrees Grayson. “But I think of that for personal consumption rather than public humiliation.”


A new bill could become the first law to apply criminal penalties to website owners due to posts of that site’s users

Voat is up in arms about this, and for good reason, it may also go to explain why Reddit suddenly decided to remove a bunch of the Deepfake / Fakeapp related subreddits.

A new bill could become the first law to apply criminal penalties to website owners due to posts of that site’s users — or so Silicon Valley and tech advocates fear.

Ever since a 1996 law, no internet website or company can be penalized for content a user posts. That’s why Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Reddit can’t be sued when anybody uses their platform to post hate speech or advocations of violence or terrorism.

The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act would open a crack in that prohibition. The bill would allow the government to prosecute websites which knowingly help or promote sex trafficking, and also allow users to sue those websites.

You can read the full article on govtrack.us…

Deepfakes are technically legal

Remember when masturbating meant going onto Pornhub and looking up your favourite porn star’s videos?

Because we live in 2018 now, straightforward porn is beyond passé — it’s all about A.I. generated faux-A-lister smut from FakeApp now.

Celebrity publicists are probably cursing at their laptops right now, while their phones blow up with angry texts from their clients.

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Fakeapp 2.1 Video Tutorial

This article is out of date, use the link on the sidebar menu instead.

Fakeapp 2.1 Tutorial |Face swapping using ML and AI !!deepfakes tutorial

Video by tech 4tress



for preliminary installation requirements
cuda 8.0

visual studio 2015

cuda 8.0

visual studio redistributable 2015


lir – for converting images from jpg to png(also for compression)

avidemux – for cutting a video(slicing a video)

ffmpeg commands:

to split frames from video
ffmpeg -i new.mp4 -vf fps=[number of frames] “out%d.png”

to stich frames back to video
ffmpeg -f image2 -i out%d.png -vcodec libx264 -crf 15 -pix_fmt yuv420p output.mp4

hardware used :
razer blade stealth 8gb i7 6th gen
razer core with 1070

deepfakes app


and deepfakes community

consider donating to the creator deepfakeapp at fakeapp.org

Reddit starts banning deepfakes

Ah well, Reddit shit its pants and banned /r/deepfakes , /r/deepfakeservice and /r/facesets – partly, maybe mostly, due to someone called Shane and also the usual corp dick-wads thinking they can put a stop to this if Reddit removes this content.

If you want to see videos of people dying though, you can still go to Reddit for that \o/

Reddit’s new policy… “prohibits the dissemination of images or video depicting any person in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct apparently created or posted without their permission, including depictions that have been faked”.”

You can read more about this on the BBC’s website…

FakeApp v2.1 Tutorial

FakeApp v2.1, the Electron recreation of FakeApp, is finished. You can download it and find screenshots of it working here.

Following on from the FakeApp v1.1 tutorial (which should be used as a primer) – comes the newest version 2.1 – make sure you follow the instructions carefully, if you need help you can find it within the Reddit communities.


  • One-button video creation.
  • One-button dataset creation.
  • More streamlined, cohesive UI.
  • Packaged into one installer, potential for desktop/start menu shortcuts.
  • Abstracted out command prompts.
  • Packaged FFMPEG, removing the need for manual video-to-image conversion.
  • Text fields replaced with more intuitive drop-downs.
  • Single error log.


  1. Download CUDA 8.0 and store it’s bin folder in the PATH environment variable
  2. Split some videos with your two desired faces into two sets of a few hundred frames each with a tool like FFMPEG. If you use FFMPEG, the command you want is: ffmpeg -i scene.mp4 -vf fps=[FPS OF VIDEO] "out%d.png". After splitting, run both directories of split frames through the “Extract” tool to produce training data
  3. Switch to the “Train” tool, and input the paths of the training data produced in step 1 (it should be in a folder called “aligned”) as well as the “models” folder along with this project (which you can move somewhere convenient)
  4. Train until the preview window shows results you are satisfied with
  5. Split the video to be faked into frames and run the “Convert” tool on them to create faked frames, which can then be re-merged into a deepfaked video
  6. Copy and reuse the same encoders for faster results in future fakes


-CUDA 8.0 must be installed, and its bin folder must be included in the PATH environment variable.

-At least a few GB of free space on disk to allow the app to create Temp files


-Run fakeapp.bat to launch the app

RuntimeError: module compiled against api version 0xc but this version numpy is 0xb is just a warning related to how the alignment libraries were installed, the app will run properly despite it appearing if no other errors occur

-It may take 30-45 seconds after pressing the Start button for the app to unpack and start the training/merging scripts the first time

-You can still quit training by focusing the training window and pressing “q”

-Paths to models/data must be absolute, not relative