Amazon becomes the latest company to join the fight against deepfakes

The year 2019 has seen a rise in the usage of deepfakes and it’s a scary thing. In case you don’t know, deepfake is a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence.

It has been around for quite a while now but this year saw a rapid rise in deepfakes forcing tech giants to take steps to curb the usage and make sure they aren’t used to promote fake news.

Last month, Microsoft and Facebook partnered up to fight deepfakes and now Amazon has decided to join as well. In a blog post published today, Amazon called for action to fight against deepfakes with a generous contribution of $1 million in AWS credits to the Deepfake Detection challenge (DFDC).

Amazon is also working with DFDC partners to host complicated datasets for deepfake detection on the cloud service using its Amazon S3 scalable infrastructure. Amazon will be providing researchers and academics up to $10,000 and they can use the Amazon Machine Learning solutions lab to get started.

This is a snippet from an article by mspoweruser,  you can read the full article here…

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