Here come the fake videos, too – NY Times

Late to the party but still, this is a great article by Kevin Roose for the New York times.  Initially talking about the widespread panic deepfakes caused at Reddit, Twitter and Pornhub.

He then goes on to show just how easy it is for anyone to create their own deepfakes, he also touched on a subject not related to porn at all but political sabotage and propaganda, which, I believe, is something we should be far more concerned about.

“Artificial intelligence video tools make it relatively easy to put one person’s face on another person’s body with few traces of manipulation. I tried it on myself. What could go wrong?”

“The scene opened on a room with a red sofa, a potted plant and the kind of bland modern art you’d see on a therapist’s wall.

In the room was Michelle Obama, or someone who looked exactly like her. Wearing a low-cut top with a black bra visible underneath, she writhed lustily for the camera and flashed her unmistakable smile.

Then, the former first lady’s doppelgänger began to strip.”

You can read the full article on the New York Times website…

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