FakeApp v1.1 Tutorial

Deepfakes FakeApp v1.1 Tutorial | TensorFlow Neural Network Face Replacement

This tutorial on how to create deepfakes on Windows is solid but his results are hilariously bad. This is only due to the amount of time Brambo dedicated to the machine learning (should have been a good few hours more than allowed in this clip).

This goes over using FakeApp v1.1. You can use the models generated through this app in FakeApp v2.0. You must have a windows machine, Nvidia GPU, and the ability to install CUDA 8.0. All other OS/GPUs are not supported.

Download CUDA 8.0 and store its bin folder in the PATH environment variable (when I installed Cuda this was automatically done for me, but if you have Cuda related errors then you should double check the path)

Google’s first result of ‘CUDA 8.0‘ will give you a link to the latest version of CUDA Toolkit (for Nvidia users only!).


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