Godfrey Deepfakes Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby & Richard Pryor

Godfrey’s impersonations are taken to the next level with Deepfakes of actor Denzel Washington, jailed comedian Bill Cosby and deceased stand up legend Richard Pryor.
Courtesy of Brian Monarch, you can watch Godfrey literally transform into these 3 men as he’s doing impressions of them. Check out more of Brian Monarch’s

Via  djvlad

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Deepfakes are coming for American democracy

Deepfakes are coming for American democracy. Here’s how we can prepare.

There are a number of plausible reasons why cheapfakes have outpaced deepfakes in the political domain. One is that, despite their crudeness, cheapfakes spread widely and can capture public debate and discourse.

On pure cost-benefit grounds, fakers may opt to get more bang for their buck by using existing, proven techniques for editing and manipulating media.

This is a snippet from an article by the washingtonpost, you can read the full article here….

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